5th September Night-Watch

The Gibraltar Pro-Life Movement are very pleased with the number of people who came to support us during our Night-Watch at Convent Place last night. Many ideas were put forward & discussed during the three hours we were gathered. We want to thank everyone for being there.

The Chief Minister visited us for well over an hour in support of our right to free speech but without committing on these substantive issues. Furthermore he took the time to describe the Command Paper procedure in great detail and we were pleased to be able to discuss these issues in a cordial manner.

We also note with satisfaction and thanks, the presence at yesterday’s Night Watch of ex Chief Minister Sir Peter Caruana, the Chief Rabbi and Monsignor Bear, as well as over 100 fellow citizens of all religious and none.

Our Night-Watch continues next Wednesday and we would encourage all those interested in making a difference to come and join us and to sign our petition.