GPLM Statement on Unite the Union

The Gibraltar Pro-Life Movement (GPLM) would like to express our concern at Unite the Union’s position and influence with regards to the abortion debate, an issue which is beyond their remit as a worker’s union and one which they have not consulted with their membership. Of added concern is the fact that should abortion be made legal in some form, Unite will find itself at a conflict of interest in the event that GHA employees seek representation in order to exert their right to conscientious objection.

The GPLM finds it incomprehensible that the union and an organisation professing to advocate for equal rights, could endorse and applaud statements made at the NMS forum which admitted to the life and humanity of a child from conception, but that this life can still be ended at any stage of gestation, simply as a matter of choice by the mother, with no reason or justification to be given.

It is ironic to note that Unite and particularly the ERG, chose the International day of the Unborn Child (25th March) to state that unborn children do not have the most fundamental right, which is the right to life. The GPLM upholds the fact that all human life is equally valuable and that there can be no moral or social progress, or any advance in civil rights without this fundamental right being recognised. To protest under the banner of self-determination is a distortion of that value, given that the rights of the un-born child are being totally ignored.

Unlike the petitions commenced by Together Gibraltar and No More Shame, the results of which were never published, the GPLM has presented a petition with approximately 6300 signatures to the Chief Minister and to Parliament requesting that the pre-born’s indisputable right to life be specifically recognised in Gibraltar law. We believe that in this respect the people of Gibraltar have strongly proclaimed the inherent value of every human life which needs to be protected.