ACTION ALERT! Can you help us show the humanity of unborn babies? Send us your ultasound photos and help spread the pro-life message ?

Take a few moments to scan and email us your ultrasound photos. Thank you! ?

Dear Friend,

As part of our campaign to educate our community about the humanity of the unborn baby, we are posting a series of photographs and videos of the developing baby in the womb on social media.

Recent posts have caused quite a lot of discussion both on and offline and many are amazed at the developmental milestones of the baby during that incredible journey from fertilisation to birth.

But today, we need YOUR help to keep this conversation going!  

Have you an ultrasound scan of one of your own children, a nephew or niece, or grandchild that you have consent to send to us to post on our social media platforms?

The more imagery we have of unborn babies, the more we can convince people of the importance of protecting their lives on 24th June!!

We would love to hear from you. Please take a moment today to find your photos and send a scanned photo by reply to this email address.  Any 3D/4D scans would be appreciated.

Please be assured that any identifying information will be removed from the scans before they are posted!

Thank you for your continued support of the Save Babies, Vote NO campaign.