As lead campaign groups for abortion referendum confirmed, GPLM calls for respectful engagement on the issue.

As lead campaigning groups in the abortion referendum on the 19th of March are announced, Gibraltar Pro Life Movement (GPLM) has called for respectful engagement on the issue.

Responding to the news that the Referendum Administrator has today designated GPLM  the lead campaigning group calling for a No vote in the abortion referendum on the 19th of March, chairperson Patricia Parody said:

‘”We are delighted that GPLM will lead the campaign for a No vote in  advance of the referendum on the 19th of March. We believe that when the public of Gibraltar have a chance to hear all of the arguments against abortion they will vote No on referendum day to protect unborn babies and mothers”

“We wish to take this opportunity to ask all of the supporters of both sides of the debate to engage on the matter in a respectful manner in the coming weeks.”

“We are all fully aware that emotions run high when it comes to this fundamental issue.  It is no surprise given that we are talking about the ending of the lives of unborn babies –  but we are also aware of the many women who deserves the highest standard of care and compassion and support whether in unplanned pregnancy or post-abortion.”

“GPLM has issued guidelines to our supporters on how to engage respectfully on social media in particular in the coming weeks and we call on all campaign groups to do likewise.”