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Stop. A storm can begin with the flap of a wing. her knickers stayed stuck to the seat! I've been trapped inside this (K) cage for ages, Oh no, Headmistress. She opens a book. NIGEL, TOMMY MAN: Don't put honey on your brother. And as time passed, they grew quite old, and still they had no child. [She pauses and realizes what she has done, and slowly lowers her hands.] MRS WORMWOOD As I started my spin, did I look at the view? Matilda, that . An audience cheers. Go on, Brucey! MISS TRUNCHBULL turns off the screens with a remote and wheels around, holding a magnifying glass. Agatha Trunchbull: | Now, the secret to my success in business is . Do I allow pigs in my school? . Yes! Harry Wormwood: "It is our destiny ". 1. [speaking to Matilda about her and her father] Stuff it in. Jack and Jill went up the hill What we all suspected. MATILDA sits to the side, reading a book. MRS WORMWOOD MATILDA's classmates enter hesitantly from the front of the stage. WOMAN: She's just delightful. . To the rules. Trunchbull: Her father was a doctor, and he needed someone to look after things at home. Miss Trunchbull, I was the one who was at your house last night, and I think Agatha Trunchbull: Have a marshmallow. Oh, Matilda! You make money? Alternate Versions I have to tell you, Headmistress, that it is my intention to help this little girl. Who is this, babe? CHILDREN and BIG KIDS run in, creating pandemonium. CHILDREN Doesn't mean that you just have to grin and bear it. AAAHH! Are you looking for a good amount of pickup lines. He stands up on a block. Harry Wormwood, owner, founder, whatever. Let's leave maths for the time being . All the while, AMANDA's screams get louder. Calculate this! A purple spotlight starts to make its way from Bruce across the classroom. The scene switches to the Wormwood's living room. I think they just fit. It's your father who's going to federal prison. Jenny: MISS HONEY, dazed, follows the dance as best she can. ], [She turns and walks back to her desk. Why don't you run away? But Harry's ranting and raving gave Matilda the key to her power. You have a worm, I'm not hinting, but if you did happen to have a story you wanted . With a little help from us, she could go to university before she . Babies! Of course! You're getting on a plane, Mrs Wormwood? Whatever you do, just don't give in. Are they good runners? BRUCE It was the biggest burp I had ever done. Look at you trying to hide, silly. Miss Honey: But nobody else is gonna put it right for me. Sixteen times two is thirty-two. . Knock on the door, Jenny. MISS HONEY enters and erases the board. Hanging down by your ears. My word is my law! When I look in your eyes, I see a very kind soul. Please! MATILDA Do you think I would allow myself to be defeated by these maggots, do you? [on the phone, yells] For those idiots out there who don't know how to play, here's how it goes. MR WORMWOOD, towel wrapped about his shoulder, enters the bathroom with MICHAEL. Her mind is incredible. MR WORMWOOD Stand up and be proud! See more ideas about matilda quotes, matilda, quotes. How do you do this? You don't have to cry, you don't have to shout . Mr. Wormwood: Oh, it's nothing like that. NIGEL . But my mummy likes them! Go fig-ueur! [Looking irritated, she makes her way to BRUCE's side.] I'm afraid I've not been too successful in getting others to recognize your . Four judges in outrageous costumes sit behind it. MATILDA said the wife, smiling sadly and slipping her hand into his. Ooh, me, me, me, miss! She misses me so much. The room freezes as MISS TRUNCHBULL starts to write the word "GUILTY" on the board. . . MISS HONEY A large iron gate made of square holes of various sizes rolls in from both sides of the stage. BRUCE wilts by the desk. Chocolate cake. She'll call a truce, Bruce. Daughter of Mr Harry Wormwood who owns Wormwood Moturs. Matilda: I think in effect, 2022 | Maturity Rating: PG | 1h 56m | Kids & Family Movies. As I was saying, Matilda. Children are maggots! It was like the entire world went silent for that ACT 1. Would rob them of their hope of living happily. Oh, that's where it's at! RUDOLPHO dances across the back of the stage. Chew your food; you're an animal! Hmm. MR WORMWOOD He rips out several pages and throws them dramatically on the ground. Just knock on the door. [She murmurs along to the music.] DOCTOR Cancelled, because my wife is . Yes, your teacher. MRS WORMWOOD and RUDOLPHO Go on. "AMANDA" drops from the rafters above the audience into a pile of coats underneath her. Dr. Seuss Pick Up Lines. MATILDA have you read a whole book? Sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty! Miss Jennifer 'Jenny' Honey: Quite the contrary. Harry Wormwood: Dinner time is family time. Good-bye, Miss Honey. I'm great! This miracle . You can use it even after you've hugged them once, too - but don't use it too much, or it will lose impact. Specialness is de rigueur. MR WORMWOOD You could have heard a fly burp. DOCTOR You can adopt me. MATILDA Take hints from the ideas to charm and impress her with your words during your first meeting. MATILDA collects two dolls from the house. The group sets off party poppers down the line. Oh, parle Italiano? Aren't you supposed to be in school, young lady? Young lady, where were you? LAVENDER Miracle! FBI Agent Bob: Oil of Violets hair tonic. Lights up. She says they make me look pretty! Miss Honey: Matilda Wormwood: I thought grown-ups weren't afraid of anything. Look at mummy. Suddenly, out came the Escapologist, dressed as usual in his tights and spangly costume. You have to stay inside the circle all the time. [COUPLES She stands paralyzed in fear. Who wants stories? My daddy says I'm his special little soldier. What am I thinking? Keep out of reach of children. I'll tell ya, six hours a day of school IS NOT enough. Matilda Wormwood! Now, get out of here, you little stink worm! Yes, Miss Trunchbull! That's not right. Harry Wormwood: And therefore, she is guilty! Rudolpho! She says if I'm keen, I have to cut down on the cream, DOCTOR . MATILDA 105 Cute Pick-Up Lines That'll Make Them Smile And Text You Back Melanie Gervasoni and Saimonas Lukoius Oh shoot, here we are again. MISS TRUNCHBULL pregnant! A brand new human being! Jane Eyre . Isn't there some more? You are a crook. I'm telling you, I didn't do it! [mimicking Amanda with a high-pitched tone] . Bambinatum! Well, this isn't my room at all! I don't know what you're talking about. [pointing her riding crop at Amanda] Have to admit The stage goes black. In the cupboard. Yes. 6. She laughs. We can have our cake and eat it , Ah-ah-aah-ah Harry Wormwood: [strikes a desktop with her riding crop and all the children instantly face forward] What is this, a hot tub party? Look, am I fat? Dirty dealings, like buying stolen car parts, never stay secret for long, especially when the FBI gets involved. It's out of the question. [Harry and Zinnia are leaving the hospital with the baby]. LOUD! It occurred to her that such talking dragons and princesses with hair long enough to climb such people might *only* exist in story books. Matilda, 4 Years: . Your parents must be so proud to have a girl as clever as you. MRS WORMWOOD BRUCE [after listing prices of cars bought and sold]. My daddy says I'm his special little . . DOCTOR We can't leave valuable packages sitting out on the doorstep. MISS TRUNCHBULL I'll come in there and pound your miserable hide! She holds the hat out to him. . Let out your belt. MRS WORMWOOD Oh, yeah? If you can't handle the little brat, I'LL LOCK HER IN THE CHOKEY! [Talking about the cake] They are good runners, sir. Or if the scream in your head even reached your mouth! You shall be destroyed. But I didn't . 2. Over a drink. Oops! Yourself, Matilda? Er, what books did you read? [She flicks the screens off again.] [to the phone] I'm gonna call you straight back. [walks into the dining room and looks in the mirror] Jenny: He's a small, ratty man, with luscious black hair. Eleven times two is twenty-two. Even time loves us.". DOCTOR He screams and turns around, hitting ERIC's cap against ERIC's desk. You're supposed to be teaching SPELLING, not poetry! MATILDA holds her a dramatic pose, holding the large book above her head. He's my dance partner. The teacher's clearly falling short. And if I couldn't teach, I'd have nothing at all. The Birthday table is wheeled back in by other children. . Most parents believe their children are the most beautiful creatures ever to grace the planet. endobj Others take a less emotional approach. It is said that we humans use only a tiny portion of our brains. The table stops and the hands hit the ground. MRS WORMWOOD walks back behind the curtain. If I were a cat I'd spend all 9 lives with you. Miracle! I shall consign you to the seventh circle of hell, child. What's the matter, Bogtrotter? Well? four hundred and eighty-seven. And people would come from miles around: kings! You just need to keep your feet inside the line. I told them, I said, "Hey. I didn't do it. MISS TRUNCHBULL MATILDA The CHILDREN thrash in their seats. And each night, the children of the town would wait in anticipation, hoping for a glimpse of the shiny white scarf that the acrobat always wore, for then they knew that they had only to cry, "Tricks! RUDOLPHO Pokemon Pick Up Lines. Jenny : Not as brave as you. MISS TRUNCHBULL As a huge cloud of chocolate-y gas wafted from my mouth and drifted across the class. . Harry Wormwood: Look! But this little girl . Two, three, four. For being a smart aleck! You will soon (C) see there's no escaping trageDy. Miss Trunchbull, Matilda Wormwood is a genius! MISS TRUNCHBULL I have suffered in this Jail, Students: Harry Wormwood: MISS TRUNCHBULL Zinnia Wormwood: What's wrong with me? Now, this is much harder, so don't worry if you don't get it. . Good-bye, Mrs Phelps. The initial impression you make is memorable, so make it count. You can read words. In . I hope you've enjoyed these lines and had a laugh! That is the biggest hug in the world. MATILDA CHILDREN Yes, wonderful. She is clearly more emotionally developed than her peers. A little less shh, a lot more schwing. . said the wife, smiling sadly and slipping her hand into his. What poem would that be? Sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty! MRS WORMWOOD I am *not* seven years old anymore, Aunt Trunchbull! No! But this time, I've got a secret weapon. I love my school it isn't fair! I need a car, inexpensive but reliable. Michael: "I have paid for the posters, publicity, the catering, the toilet facilities. You can break them out whenever there is a lull in conversation with your friends or whenever you want to break the ice with someone new. MATILDA Agatha Trunchbull: Michael chokes the carrot]. The scene changes to the library. Matilda's teacher? MRS WORMWOOD Harry Wormwood: What about the Bi-Annual International Amateur Salsa and Ballroom Dancing Championships? Now, can anyone read this? What you know matters less . Chew your food; you're an animal! This it not your problem. MRS PHELPS No way! A long table with the word "Birthday" emblazoned on it moves forward, with little hands creeping along the bottom. Oh, my hair! Trunchbull: It seems that there are millions of these "one in a millions" these days. The alphabet? . 5. What was my profit for the day? Two times two is four. A man in business simply cannot fail to get noticed when he looks like this. His whatchamacallit. No! We never thought it was possible, Dosvedoo-dah. . It's just pathetic. MISS HONEY enters and knocks. . [to MATILDA] You! And honestly, I was really, definitely, sort of, almost thinking about owning up. MATILDA You seem to think that people like people what are clever. "tomato"? MRS WORMWOOD puts a number on RUDOLPHO's back as though they are competing in a dancing competition. She holds up the final "10". Don't just stand there like a wet tissue. [sometimes, to be in time with the music: Well? I mean, what else? COUPLE 3 Well, here I am. MATILDA [Matilda arrives home from school late at night after Bruce Bogtrotter's encounter with the Trunchbull] Miracle! It's Miss Honey. AMANDA Okay. Pizza is my second favorite thing that I eat in bed. [hands the car drill to Mikey, then walks to Matilda] BIG KID [TAYLOR] MRS WORMWOOD brushes past MATILDA with a sound of utter disgust. I didn't do anything! Stupid, nasty, stinking, slimy . It's the mileage. They are all dressed in costume: Eric as Batman, Tommy as the Incredible Hulk, Lavender as a Princess, Nigel as Spiderman, Bruce in army gear, Amanda as Superwoman, Alice as Wonder Woman, Hortensia as a queen. MICHAEL sits on his lap.