Fact Check Intro

On the 19th March 2020 the people of Gibraltar will be called upon to vote an amendment to the Crimes Act. It is probably the most important law ever to be put to referendum in Gibraltar since it deals with a life and death of future Gibraltarians yet unborn.

There is a lot of misinformation being put out by pro-abortion advocates (called ‘Pro Choice’) about the proposed Crimes (Amendment) Act 2019 [No.19 of 2019] “Additional sections on Child Destruction and Abortion”. We realise it is difficult to separate real, evidence-based information from misleading claims in a short space of time, and we don’t expect you to simply trust us at our word – at times, it can seem like there’s no way to trust one side or the other.

The good news is that we have gone to the effort of documenting the evidence for every claim we make, and giving you the evidence to decide yourself about what the Act says, and its implications for Gibraltar’s families and community. We have gone through all the common questions asked, and instead of asking you to just trust us, we have given clear, objective, verifiable evidence for our answers (contained in the links).

We hope that this will help to correct the misinformation being pushed by the pro-abortion side. Almost every source here is from a pro-abortion or neutral source – there are only a couple of exceptions, and these are given only in cases where the pro-life source itself cites a number of reputable neutral or pro-abortion sources. So you can trust the information contained here is conceded by people from all sides of the debate when they are being honest.

We want to be open to challenge. We don’t want this debate to be settled by misleading or false claims. But our solution to that is to give you the evidence to decide for yourselves. And here it is. Please do write to us if you have any further questions – we would be more than happy to answer them with the facts or evidence. We don’t hide from the evidence or from the science – because we have found time and time again that they support the pro-life side.

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