GBC Poll Opinion Poll show voters ‘going in the right direction’ says GPLM

Pro-Life movement will work harder than ever to inform people before they vote

Commenting on the GPC opinion poll released this morning in relation to the views of voters on the abortion referendum question, James Brenig, spokesperson of GPLM said:

“There are several notable factors in relation to this poll, particularly if compared with the previous GBC poll on this issue in March 2018.

“Firstly, the Yes vote has decreased by 7% and the No vote and Don’t Know vote have marginally increased since the last opinion poll.  This shows that the message about the humanity of the unborn baby and the need for support for women and families in Gibraltar is gradually getting through.

“Secondly, this poll took place between the 17th and 28th February, before the No side launched our strong social media campaign showing many faces of Gibraltar explaining why they are voting No.  As we know, people become more engaged as polling day draws closer and we are confident that our messages are making an impact across Gibraltar.

“Thirdly, it is not clear whether those who were polled are aware that termination of pregnancy already happens in Gibraltar where a woman’s life is at risk.  Nor is it clear that they were aware of how extreme the law is.  Ann Furedi, the CEO of BPAS, Britain’s largest abortion provider (in reference to the British law which is similar to the proposed Act here) said:  ‘Despite being one of the most restrictive laws in the developed world on paper, it is one of the most liberal in the way it can be interpreted.  Although the Act does not formally allows abortion on request, that is close to what it allows in practice’.

“We in the pro-life movement will remain steadfast in our commitment to informing voters between now and the 19th of March.  We are confident that on the 19th March, when considering what kind of future they want for Gibraltar, voters will consider the unborn baby and mothers and vote NO”, Mr. Brenig concluded.