GPLM announces patronage of Lady Cristina Caruana

GPLM is today delighted to announce the news that Lady Cristina Caruana is to become a patron of the organisation.

GPLM works on educating the public of Gibraltar about the human dignity and right to life of unborn babies and the need for positive support for women in unplanned pregnancy and their families. Through its CareLink programme, GPLM provides practical support to pregnant women, new mothers and vulnerable families.

Patricia Parody, Chairperson of GPLM said:

“The patronage of Lady Caruana means so much to us here as a team in the Gibraltar Pro Life Movement. We have found that in recent weeks and months many more people are getting involved in the movement and wish to get active to protect the lives of unborn babies and supporting mothers and families. We thank Lady Caruana for coming on board and for her commitment to our objectives.”

Acknowledging the patronage, Lady Caruana said:

“I am honoured and delighted to become an official patron of the pro-life movement here in Gibraltar.  I have admired for some time their dedication to both providing practical support to mothers and babies and educating the wider public on the important topic of the fundamental human right to life of every person. The work and dedication of groups like GPLM are of vital importance to Gibraltar and I am very pleased to be part of that in whatever way I can.”