GPLM Pledge for Life Fundraising campaign a major success. Successful fundraiser more than trebles original target  

The Pledge For Life campaign hosted by the Gibraltar Pro Life Movement (GPLM) ended tonight, after an extremely successful 30 hours of fundraising.

The aim of the Pledge For Life campaign was to encourage the people of Gibraltar to personally contribute to the efforts of GPLM in sharing the pro-life message, educating about the reality of abortion and building upon the CareLink programme which offers support to local families.

Speaking tonight as the campaign came to a close, GPLM spokesperson Mrs. Clare Bensadon said:

“We have been totally overwhelmed by the support shown to us during the last 30 hours by the people of Gibraltar.

“We started with a goal of £10,000 and we reached it within two hours. The final figure was above £38,000 – which far surpassed our original target and expectations. We are extremely grateful to our community for their generosity, both to those involved in the fundraising and those who donated.

“It’s really important that the people of Gibraltar are given the opportunity to be made fully aware of how abortion impacts our community as a whole, as well as being fully informed on the question that will be put before us next March – whether we want to remain a community who values the lives of unborn babies aswell as their mothers or whether to introduce wide-ranging abortion. These funds will enable us to make a start on offering that information to the public. 

“While we are very grateful to those who are supporting the pro-life movement and the impending referendum campaign to ensure that protection is not removed from the smallest members of our community – our unborn children, it’s also Important to note this is not just about the referendum campaign.  Of course we will be intensifying our efforts in the weeks and months to come but as a movement we are looking beyond referendum day on 19th March. This long term view was very clear and important to us from the start.” concluded Mrs Bensadon.

Mrs Stephane Yeo, CareLink Coordinator commented “As an organisation, we are dedicated to educating our community on the humanity of the unborn child, the reality of abortion for many women and the need to offer women and families genuine support during pregnancy and early childhood.  To that end, part of the funds raised in the last few days will go towards CareLink, our programme which provides material support to pregnant women and families in need. If you wish to donate towards our work or see more about the CareLink programme, visit

“We are extremely grateful to the community for these funds, which will enable us to continue advocating for the human right to life and to serve the community through our CareLink programmes.” concluded Mrs Stephane Yeo.