GPLM reaction to new referendum date

The Chairperson of the Gibraltar Pro Life Movement, Mrs Patricia Parody notes the obvious incongruity that Gibraltar has barely come out of lockdown and Government has already announced a new date for the Referendum to change the Crimes Act which seeks to do away with the right to life for pre-born babies in our existing constitution.

During this pandemic we have done our best to protect the most vulnerable in our society. Let us continue with the same vigour, enthusiasm and the charitable nature which characterises Gibraltar as we vote “No!” in the referendum.

So when you listen to the arguments in the following months, pause to think how this pandemic has shown us the frailty of human life and the need to protect those who cannot speak or act for themselves.

Mrs Parody concluded by saying:

Gibraltar can do better for its women and children than abortion. Life is precious.

The future of Gibraltar is in your hands. All lives have value. “Save Babies. Vote No”.