GPLM reacts to comments from Marlene Hassan Nahon

The GPLM has today reacted to comments made by Ms Marlene Hassan Nahon at Monday night’s “Leader’s Question time” where she ‘rubbished’ the idea that the child in the womb has a right to life.

A spokesperson for the GPLM today expressed surprise at the lack of respect for human life demonstrated by Ms Hassan Nahon, who is also on record as having said (at the GWA AGM last year) that the child in the womb “is not human”.

Speaking in response to Ms Hassan Nahon’s comments, the spokesperson said:

“These attempts to de-humanise the child not only go against modern embryology and scientific evidence, but create a very real threat to the value of every human life. I would question whether other members of Ms Hassan Nahon’s party concur with her radical view.”

She continued:

“Politicians seeking public office must not mislead the public.  However, in her declaration that abortion is a ’legal imperative’ and that if abortion on demand is not enacted in Gibraltar it will be forced upon us, Ms. Hassan Nahon does just that.”

The reality is that there is no obligation under international law for Gibraltar to enact this legislation. That position was made very clear in a letter sent to the Chief Minister on 27/06/19 and signed by three eminent lawyers stating that “there is no human rights obligation whatsoever for Gibraltar to change its law on abortion”.  Ms. Hassan Nahon should consider this letter before making such pronouncements.

“While we don’t agree with her assertion that everyone has a family member who has had an abortion, we acknowledge that many women have gone through this experience.  It is a reflection of our failure as a society to address the real issues affecting women and families in modern times.  We have therefore recently produced a policy document called ‘Creating a Village’ which seeks to identify and reduce the circumstances in which women feel abortion is their only option.”

“The GPLM continues to advocate the right to life and protection for all unborn Gibraltarians- a right which should not be abolished.  This position is supported by 6300 Gibraltarians via a petition handed into Parliament several months ago.  We will work hard to defend Gibraltar’s pro-life laws, during the current election campaign and into the future”, the spokesperson concluded.