GPLM relaunches CareLink Programme

Gibraltar is small and generous enough to ensure that no family needs to suffer alone – Yeo

The Gibraltar Pro Life Movement (GPLM) has today relaunched the CareLink Programme – an initiative which gives support for families in need in Gibraltar.

With a special focus on providing baby essentials and building a community support network to provide for each family’s needs, the Programme aims to embody Gibraltarian values of family, community and service.

Stephane Yeo, coordinator of the CareLink programme explained the project:

“This initiative started in September 2018 when it was evident there was a real need to give practical help to young local families in need. We started providing local families with baby essentials such as baby clothes, buggies and cots. Most of them were pre-loved, but where there was a specific need or urgency, new. 

“In March 2019, when GPLM officially registered as a charity, we increased our efforts and started plans to build on the programme. Our vision was clear from the start; we wanted to build relationships with local charities, organisations and individuals who help the community, as many of our service users required more holistic support than we alone could offer. For example, some service users need help with providing food for the rest of the family or clothes for older children; in these cases we reach out to the organisations or individuals within the network who can service this need. We call this network, the CareLink Network and it is something we intend to continue to grow.’ 

‘This network has brought to light some areas of need we were not aware of, for example some single expecting mums would like to have another trusted person with them in the lead up to and during labour – thankfully as result of our network we have been able to enlist a number of experienced mums who are willing to hold their hands (emotionally and literally!) during this, often overwhelming, time.

Ms Yeo continued:

“CareLink has been officially relaunched today ahead of Christmas, as the charity is aware Christmas can be a difficult time for families and simultaneously it is also a popular time for giving.

 ‘We therefore want to raise awareness of the charity, so those families in need know that we could help them, encourage any local charities, individuals or organisations to get in touch to see how we could work together and also to encourage anyone who would be willing to help via donations of baby essentials to get in contact. 

“Moreover, the general public can help by raising awareness within their unique network of friends and family and support our social media campaign by sharing our weekly Wednesday CareLink posts.

 “If anyone wishes to get in touch to access support or donate, they can do so by telephoning 5406 7935.

“For 2020 we have ambitious plans to build on the work so far as a means to better support the local community, Gibraltar is small and generous enough to ensure that no family needs to suffer alone and we want to facilitate and foster this caring nature,” Ms Yeo concluded