GPLM respond to Choice Gibraltar on ‘ safe abortion day’

The Gibraltar Pro-Life Movement is concerned and disappointed at reading an article published by the promoters of the “International Safe Abortion Day” which contained a number of glaring inaccuracies and misrepresentations.

The article says that the prohibition on abortion in Gibraltar is “in place to please the Christians views on women’s rights!” The Pro-Life Movement in Gibraltar counts on the support of a large number of citizens of all the religions, which comprise our community, and of people of no religious faith.

Most seriously, the article accuses “Pro-Life Gibraltar” of pushing the Government to penalise women who seek abortions in Spain or UK. This is false.

The entire matter of abortion is extremely serious and requires the debate to be conducted in a civil and truthful manner in keeping with the way in which we conduct our affairs in Gibraltar.

We find it hard to believe that the Gibraltar Pro-Choice campaign is responsible for disseminating these falsehoods internationally, but the GPLM calls on and would be grateful for those responsible to contact the publishers of the false statements. Also to ensure that they are properly informed and they remove the falsehoods from their website, along with a rectification.