GPLM Support The Right to Life

The Gibraltar Pro Life Movement is one of the many entities which support the right to life and legal protection of the unborn.

We have over 1,400 members in our Facebook group alone and have attracted support from several thousand citizens of Gibraltar, from all types of faith backgrounds and political persuasions.

Gibraltar has always enjoyed not just mere tolerance, but harmony between people of different faiths and none. It has become evident that there are some within our society who feel that anyone with a faith background should be denied an opinion or indeed that their opinion is invalidated by their faith.

The GPLM rejects this ideology and will neither ask members to suppress evidence of their beliefs, nor expect anyone to share them. We represent all members of our community who value life and family. We work in unity and peace and will not be censored from defending the most vulnerable, by those will alternative agendas.

We hope that this new distraction propagated bu others, does not divert us from the central issue, which is supporting and empowering women and families so that they may prosper whilst still upholding life.

We completely refute the claim that the right to personal choice, overrides the fundamental right to life. The legislative process itself restricts choice, primarily to safeguarding life and the good of society. The intentional termination of a human life contravenes this foundational rule of law.