Hear OUR voices. ? Join our conversation with women who regret abortion this Wednesday.

Dear Friend,

So often, when we discuss the issue of abortion, the voices of women who regret their abortion are left out of the picture. It’s not surprising that people often assume that adverse effects of abortion don’t exist.

By speaking up, women who regret their abortions provide encouragement and hope to other women who wish to find healing after abortion.  Their voices also ensure that the negative impact of abortion on women is discussed openly.

We invite you to join a conversation with women who regret abortion which we will be hosting LIVE on Facebook on Wednesday evening at 7pm.   We will be joined by local women and women from further afield to discuss this important topic.  

Join us LIVE on Wednesday at 7pm here

Please share the details of this event with others.   Before we vote on 24th June, it’s essential that we hear every perspective about the impact abortion has on women.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Patrica Parody,
Gibraltar Pro Life Movement.