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Social media has leveled the field on scammers as they our outed and accounts are deactivated daily. Ex Tax: 1,250.00. Most often, powdered diets are mixed with two parts water and offered in shallow dishes three times a week as much as these geckos will eat at a feeding. We use Rapid Reptiles Courier if you are in the United Kingdom. If you are a crested gecko breeder and you have enough Facebook followers or Instagram Followers to make the list or the honorable mention, please contact us and we'll get it updated. In summer, place crested geckos in a cool room if the temperature exceeds 87 degrees. On average, geckos will only lock up for a few minutes, while others can take what seems like hours to finish up and go their separate ways. Neither of these stories have a happy ending, but we were determined! We thought he was a girl hence the name but his age features decided otherwise. Because we follow thesepractices,the quality and health of our animals shows every time someone opens a package from us! MorphMarket 2. (If you qualify for this list but are not on it, please contact us to be added). Probably going to hold her back to add to our crested gecko breeder group in 2022. Don't forget to copy the HTML code for your website's trust badge below. When youre looking for a crested gecko you can find different sellers and breeders that have crested geckos for sale. Cresteds can be maintained in very easy to achieve conditions or in crazy looking naturalistic style vivariums. Inquire. With quality over quantity in mind, weve been able to produce some stellar specimens with morphs ranging from high-contrast (black & white) pinstripes and harlequins, quad-stripes, pink & cream extreme harlequins, super tigers and that is only the beginning. Western Hognose have a very popular choice for a pet snake. They tolerate moderate to heavy handling even when they are relatively young, however you should not handle geckos that are less than two weeks old, or geckos that have recently been purchased or moved. Tiki's Geckos 1.6. Super Dalmatian crested geckos 363 miles | Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 3x male super Dalmatian crested geckos, 42g, 40g,27g ( 2 pictures each gecko), they are living together in 1 terrarium. Most crested gecko breeder programs include these pre-prepared diets. Store Email: Consider getting your habitat temperatures on pointed before bring your new baby crested geckos for sale online home. Avoid the potential problems you can get from the scammers, wheelers and dealers, and the fly by the night honeymoon breeders and buy from someone on the list below. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Supplement with added Vitamins, Trace Mine.. 12.99 Crested geckos are entertaining and easy to care for. My new interest is in Crested Geckos, I bought my first pair of 100% Het Axanthics in 2019. Cresties are among the most handleable of all lizards. })(); Remember me With proper care, expect your crestie to live 15 to 20 years or maybe even longer! I have known Troy as well as traded geckos with/from him for many years. breeding crested geckos, it can be a fun and rewarding experience and for a lot of people it can be their first project. No matter what, all of our Cresties for sale come from top quality crested gecko morphs/genetics. Shipping & Returns; A password will be sent to your email address. It still feels like Christmas every time we get a new hatchling; never knowing exactly whats going to come out of that egg. My new interest is in Crested Geckos, I bought my first pair of 100% Het Axanthics in 2019. Shop our Crested Gecko for sale selection of top quality crested gecko genetics giving us outstandingly vivid color. Unlike most of the other online reptile shops we are based out of a bricks and mortar store in the village of Windlesham on the Surrey Berkshire border just to the South West of London. on: function(evt, cb) { While it is impossible to ever determine who the 'Top' crested gecko breeder is, this list is a great start for our customers to know that many people TRUST you and follow your business. Stick insects. Pet stores or pet shops sell a lot of different animals. Since they dont happen that often a lot of people might come to the expo and the building might be too crowded which isnt that comfortable. Specialising in Lilly white, Tri colour, extreme harlequin, quad stripes Crested geckos and multi-gene Royal pythons. In addition. New baby geckos that just arrived should not be handled, but first allowed to settle in for three to four weeks to let them adjust to their new habitat and to make sure they are eating as they should. If you sell to a pet shop, please make sure they provide (and follow!) Crested geckos are originally from New Caledonia (a group of islands between Fiji and Australia). Our geckos are extremely high quality and the genetics they pack are just amazing, you can see by the number of high quality babies we are producing These babies once mature will be producing fantastic offspring which we would love to see flourish in the uk market. Because crested geckos are primarily tree dwellers, they make outstanding displays in naturalistic vivariums. Crested gecko breeders like temperatures of 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. If you want to change regions, just click the region icon at the top of the website. Papanicolaou (Astraios x Mollie) Tuftsin (Furnace x Fancy Tuna) Macaroni x Benzopyrene (Csupeg16011) & Indeno (Csupeg15004) & Stilbestrol (Csuis16001) & Toxichlor (Csull) This group puts out some amazing yellows. So, you can find a crested gecko for any budget you might have. Our shipments are well packaged and insulated with heat or cold packs added as needed to provide a safe reliable trip from our captive breeding facility to your home or business. Medium sized and typically gentle natured. Snails. If you primarily breed a different reptile then we will not include you on this list at this time. This company is more specialized in high-end crested geckos with unique colors and patterns. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); We are hobbyist reptile breeders based in the Southwest UK offering leopard geckos, crested geckos and blue tongued skinks. , also known as Chewies and Mossy Prehensile Tailed Geckos). We will endeavour to get back to you in 48 hours. You can find these breeders by scanning the classifieds in your local newspaper, check out the for sale ads on buy-and-sell sites, or join reptile groups on Facebook to find crested gecko breeders in your area. The Phantom Gecko Beautiful, Healthy Geckos and supplies . In most cases if someone has a large following it is probably because they have somereally nice crested geckosand know what they are doing. CBReptile has crested geckos for sale at a wide price range from $60 to $500 with most geckos having a price around $100 which is an average price for crested geckos. Pet stores are probably the most popular place for buying your first crestie. Cresteies are ectotherms (body temperature varies with environmental temperature), so it is important that you provide the proper temperature range for activity and feeding. Shop Merch! "Our Geckos love them" Art By Heo Kang - Korea 243-247 Lytham Road Copyright 2005-2021 Heartland Crested Geckos - All Rights Reserved. They.. 100.00 We were amazed at the sheer variety shown in a species that everyone thought was extinct only 16 years prior. Before purchasing a gecko from us, please visit our TERMS page. In this case, you've worked hard and gained more followers than most crested gecko breeders in the world. Trust or Award badges are very common in most industries, in fact. Who knows whatCrested Geckos will look like 10 years from now. This can cause a lot of stress for the crested gecko. AC Reptiles 1.5. Once several sessions have passed, you can expect them to calm down. Breeding Pairs 2023 Breeding Pairs 2022 Breeding Pairs 2021 Breeding Pairs 2020 Males Females. If youre interested in a bit more information about the breeder and their geckos price range, you can find more details below. In most areas, this temperature range will be reached during the warm months of the year without additional heat. Handling a crested gecko at the expo also wont be a problem. Blue-bottles. You can keep one male and several female crested geckos together. It is very important to us that our geckos are healthy and stress-free. Our wide selection of wooden vivariums manufactured by Monkfield Nutrition are some of the most dur.. 109.99 AVAILABLE REPTILES appropriate care information so your Geckos have the opportunity to live a long, healthy life. We are presently compiling a third list for breeders of multiple reptile species, please contact us to be added to this upcoming list. Josh's Frogs 1.3. Congratulations on being a Top Crested Gecko Breeder in 2021! Copyright 1998-2023 - Captive Bred Geckos, Chameleons, Turtles, Tortoises, Iguanas, Ball Pythons, Tegus & More. With selective breeding and a bit of luck their potential seems limitless. It can drop to the low 70s at night. We are trying to include the top crested gecko breeders on these lists. These top crested gecko breeders pictures are of their own geckos. These make great first snakes. Results also showed that 61% of participants said they recalled a time when they chose not to complete a transaction because trust logos were absent. Crested Geckos first caught our eye back in 2010. Im currently working with some of the best black nights in the world. We purchased twomore pairs:Gilgamesh & Cleopatra and Peridot & Nori. The animals we choose to breed have to go through stringent protocals before they are allowed to meet the rest of our breeding stock. Try your best to keep an eye on geckos behavior to see if one is obviously running from the other. Please check the Privacy Policy to see how I protect and manage your data. We believe in only making available the best product's for your Geckos that we ourselves use and have found to be very effective. You can find any kind of morph you could want and the prices range from $50 to $5,000+. The future for crested geckos certainly looks bright! 30 day payment plans. A Private Crested Gecko Breeder that specialises in high end crested gecko morphs with superior structure and awesome traits. My Panther Chameleon is a cricket slayer! Taillessness is a normal condition for adults crested geckos. says, 'Industry awards are used to showcase a specialty or highlight a quality that competitors dont have.' We started growing our Crested Gecko collection back in 2011 after realizing these geckos have one of the greatest potentials in the trade when it comes to genetic diversity. Very happy with my baby Russian Tortoises! 2015-2023 MorphMarket Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions Rules Five minutes of handling per day for the first few weeks is sufficient to allow your gecko to become used to you and to become less jumpy. During the winter crested geckos will tolerate night drops into the 60s. Specialist reptile courier and payment plans are available on all animals. We are two distinct parts: (i) private collector of New Caledonian geckos and (ii) separately, a purveyor of select high end Leachianus ("Leachies"), Rhacodactylus Auriculatus ("Gargoyle Geckos"), and Lilly White Crested Gecko projects, but our primary focus and specialty are Chahoua (Mniarogekko Chahoua, also known as "Chewies" and "Mossy This form collects your name, email address and telephone number so that I am able to contact you regarding your reptile enquiry. Mountain Cresties is a small home team of two Crested gecko breeders specializing in bright reds and high contrast harlequins in Western, North Carolina, and Coastal, South Carolina. For a more naturalistic look, a peat-moss-based soil mix that doesnt contain perlite will work well. Email: As crested gecko breeders for over 10 years, and with a biologist on site, all of our crested geckos for sale come with our live arrival and full 7-day health guarantee and ship via FedEx overnight and arrive the morning after shipping in heated or cooled insulated containers. Our favorite place was a pet store down the hill called Bird World. With a Biologist ON-SITE shop with confidence that youll be purchasing a top quality gecko for sale online. Astudy conducted by Actual Insights found that trust logos increased the perceived trustworthiness of a brand in 75 percent of respondents. NOW OFFERING INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!! We are your go-to crested gecko breeders! He will be the starting point to all my super giants. Also, this can vary depending on the gecko itself and the quality of the food in its diet. Based on your hard work breeding crested geckos you have gained a large number of followers in the community. About Us Keeping our geckos as naturally as possible We are a small home/hobby breeder only breeding in an effort to produce a healthy gecko with good structure, colour and temperament to improve our own stock.

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