New Beginnings Campaign Launched

The Gibraltar Pro-life Movement is pleased to announce its “New Beginnings – Both Lives Matter” Campaign.
The aim of this campaign is to work together with persons who have experienced an abortion in the past in order to best understand how to help others in the future.

We invite individuals (male or female) who may have considered abortion, or taken this decision in their past, to come forward and share their experiences with us on terms of complete confidentiality.
Help us understand what your situation was like:
Why you felt that abortion was the best or only option available to you Did you consider abortion but changed your mind?
Were you pressurised into having an abortion? Who by?
What would have helped you best during that time?
Did your partner have an abortion against your wishes?
Did you convince your partner or someone else to have one? What would you advise someone in a similar situation?
Is there anything that could help you now?

Anyone willing to give us their testimony face to face in a fully supportive, secure and confidential environment is invited to contact us via email or call us on +350 54066399 and we will arrange a meeting.

Persons wishing to share their testimony in writing can email us at:

Those wishing to remain anonymous can send a letter to:
GPLM, NBC, PO Box 1143