Petition with 6,285 Signatures handed in to the Chief Minister

At 3:30pm today the Gibraltar Pro-Life Movement handed to the Chief Minister in person, its submissions to the Gibraltar Governement Consultation on changes to the abortion law.

The written submissions were accompanied by a petition 6,285 citizens agreed that the paramount consideration in any change of Gibraltar Law in respect of abortion; must recognise the pre-born’s indisputable right to life.

The submissions themselves, have been the product of a collaborative approach by citizens from all walks of life and of every religious background and or of none. We have had very substantial input from professionals in the field of medicine, psychology, education and law.

The GPLM is certain that in Gibraltar the right to life of the unborn is a strongly held mainstream view. Even as other countries, which have suffered the blight of abortion on request, are regretting the loss of millions of their potential citizens, Gibraltar must hold high the beacon of hope and the legal protection of unborn human beings.

We are confident that our elected representatives will respect the inalienable right to life of human beings whether born or yet yet to be born.