Public Response to Government’s Command Paper

The Government Pro-Life Movement has today made public their response to the Government’s Command Paper in respect of proposed changes to the Gibraltar law on abortion.

This document has been produced in consultation with local and international-experts. It covers legal, medicinal and ethical issues and provides solid scientific evidence to support the well-established right to life and legal protection of the unborn with detailed citation given.

The GPLM is satisfied that there is no foreign legal ‘mandate’ for Gibraltar to legislate for abortion and that ‘the margin of appreciation’ afforded to states and local legislatures would not just allow but require the Gibraltar Parliament to expressly provide, in any relevant legislation, for the unborn’s right to life and legal protection. Gibraltar thus has the opportunity of being in the vanguard of the many countries who are with increasing vigor and resolve rising to the defense to the unborn.

Six thousand, two hundred and eighty-five members of the community (which represents 36.4% of those who voted at the 2015 election) have signed our petition, stating that any change in Gibraltar law should recognise the pre-born’s indisputable right to life.

While the GPLM firmly upholds the fact that all human life, from the moment of conception, must be afforded legal protection, it nevertheless finds common ground with other parties to this debate, in respect of promoting policies, which will serve to offer wide range social and economic assistance to support family life. It is therefore keen to work with Government and other interest groups in providing a proactive, holistic and progressive approach to addressing issues affecting women and families which does not involve the termination of life.

We would like to remind the public that women and families requiring practical assistance can call us on +350 5406793.

Finally, we send Seasons Greetings to all, and wish a Joyful and Peaceful Christmas.



GPLM Response – Amended – Final