Save Babies, Vote No Campaign gets underway in advance of abortion referendum

18th May 2021

“We look forward to the opportunity to engage with our community about why they should vote No on 24th June” –  Karenza Morillo

As the abortion referendum campaign gets underway, the Save Babies Vote No campaign has said they welcome the opportunity to put forward the pro-life position in the coming weeks.

Speaking after the announcement, spokesperson Ms Morillo said:

“This past 14 months has been challenging for everyone.  No-one could have foreseen the fear, the illness, and even death that would befall us here in Gibraltar and around the world.  But amidst all of that we also saw heroism and sacrifice from our frontline workers and indeed from the whole community.   It is regrettable that, as we are slowly recovering from the difficult challenges of the pandemic, we are again being asked to vote on ending the lives of unborn babies here in Gibraltar.  Having been through the pandemic experience, we hope the people of this community will vote to continue to protect and look after their fellow Gibraltarians – born or unborn.

“While it is true that the abortion issue is highly emotive, we look forward to a respectful debate in the lead up to the referendum. The hallmark of a functioning democracy is the ability and willingness to debate topical issues – even when that challenges us all as a community and the Save Babies, Vote No campaign is ready to engage with everyone in Gibraltar in an honest and positive way.

“We cannot shy away from what the implications of this vote could be for Gibraltar’s future generations and therefore the debate must be full and robust and include a conversation about the truth of the impact of abortion on women, the science about the developing baby in the womb and the extreme nature of the proposal being put before us.

“We are confident that with this information, the people of Gibraltar will opt to save babies, continue to protect and support their mothers and vote No on 24th June.”, Ms Morillo concluded