Save Babies Vote NO campaign say GFY statement ‘disappointing but not surprising’

We are looking forward to GBC debate next Wednesday where all the facts can be aired – James Brenig


Watch a short video response from Save Babies Vote NO spokesperson, James Brenig to the Gibraltar For Yes statement this morning


Responding to a statement from Gibraltar For Yes this morning where they accused the Save Babies, Vote NO campaign of ‘inaccuracies’, spokesperson James Brenig said:

“It’s disappointing to see the statement from GFY this morning but not surprising. It’s a tactic in campaigns to seek to undermine one’s opponents.  We are looking forward to the GBC debate next Wednesday where all the facts can be aired.

“The fact is that the NO campaign has exposed very effectively that the proposed law (which is copied almost word for word from the UK 1967 Abortion Act) will in practice allow for abortion throughout the full nine months of pregnancy.

“We may wish and hope for something different but that is what has happened and the record number of abortions recorded in England and Wales during 2020 bear this out. 210,860 unborn babies’ lives ended by abortion

“There is something in the GFY statement that we do agree with. We agree that evidence based medical information should be put into the public domain. Information about what the procedure of abortion involves, information about the incredible development of the baby in the womb, information about the baby’s capacity to feel pain in late term abortion and information about the negative impact of abortion on many women. If that information was out there, it would be clear to everyone that a NO vote is the best option next week.

“For now, let’s continue over these last few days to put forward our own position respectfully and positively rather than tearing down our opponents.

“And let’s keep Gibraltar’s heart beating and vote NO on Thursday.”