Save Babies, Vote No welcomes being named official organisation to represent the Vote NO campaign

24th May 2021

We are looking forward to working with our committed volunteers across Gibraltar over the coming weeks – James Brenig

Responding to the Parliament’s confirmation this morning that the Save Babies, Vote NO Campaign has been named as the designated organisation representing those campaigning for a NO vote in the abortion referendum on 24th June, spokesperson James Brenig said:

“We are looking forward to working with our volunteers across Gibraltar over the coming weeks to give honest information to voters on the fundamental human rights question that we will all be facing on 24th June.  Once abortion is legalised, it becomes impossible to restrict. Laws shape behaviours and attitudes. We still have time in Gibraltar to stop this becoming our reality.”

Karenza Morillo added:

“Save Babies, Vote NO will be connecting with voters through meetings and events over the course of the campaign as well as via social media.  We encourage everyone, no matter what your current view of the abortion issue is, to engage with the campaign and seek out facts about what the law would mean for us here in Gibraltar.  In particular we encourage voters to inform themselves about the experiences of other countries, the amazing development of the baby in the womb and what the unintended consequences of the law could bring to our community.

“Alongside our work on the campaign, we will of course be continuing our commitment to the CareLink programme offering practical support and assistance to new parents and vulnerable families in Gibraltar.

“Those who wish to volunteer with the Save Babies, Vote NO campaign can sign up on our website,” Ms Morillo concluded.