Statement regarding petition presentation to Parliament

A Gibraltar Pro-Life Movement petition has today been presented to Parliament. It requests all Members of Parliament that in respect of any amendment to the law on abortion in Gibraltar, they should recognise the pre-born’s indisputable right to life. This was presented by the Hon. Dr John Cortes MP on behalf of the Hon. Mr Albert Isola MP, with the support of the Hon. Mr. Daniel Feetham Q.C MP and the Hon. Mr Edwin Reyes MP.

The GPLM would like to thank them for their efforts and support. Annexed to the parliamentary petition was the one which collected 6,285 signatures and represents 36.4 % of those who voted at the last election. This petition also asks that any change in Gibraltar law should recognise the pre-born’s indisputable right to life.

The Gibraltar Pro-Life Movement is strengthened by the solid support that we have received across our community and we do not doubt that Gibraltar is, in its essence pro-life. The right to life is the most fundamental of all rights. No other right makes sense if life is not protected.

It is fitting that Gibraltarians yet to be born will know that this generation of ours kept them firmly in our minds and held them closely to our hearts and that this be recorded in the Parliament of our People. We are encouraged by our success stories in continuing to support women and their families and will work hard to encourage present and future governments to implement social policies that support women and families.

The Gibraltar Pro-Life Movement will not relent in its mission to ensure that the right to life and legal protection of unborn Gibraltarians continues to be respected.