Government Announces Consultation Process

The Gibraltar Pro-Life Movement looks forward to contributing to the consultation process initiated by the Government of Gibraltar in relation to the law of abortion. We are committed to ensuring that any legislative reform should recognise the indisputable right to life of unborn human beings.

There can be no moral or social progress, or any advance in civil rights without this fundamental right being recognised and we consider the consultation process to be an opportunity to guarantee the enshrinement of the right to life in the law of Gibraltar.

In keeping with our adherence to the principle that both lives matter i.e. that of mother and child, we have already communicated to the Chief Minister, the Minister of Health and other politicians our dissatisfaction with the systems of guidance and support to women who may be considering terminating their pregnancies.
As a caring and progressive community, all our efforts should be aimed at ensuring that women are provided with all means of support.

The destruction of unborn human beings is not the solution.

We continue to work to provide support systems for all women & families who find themselves considering an abortion.
Both lives matter.