Why Vote NO on 19th March

The 19th March is a day of fundamental importance for Gibraltar. 

On that day, we are being asked to vote on whether or not we wish to protect the lives of unborn babies in this community.

We are being asked if we believe in protecting the most vulnerable in  Gibraltar.

We are being asked if we believe in human rights for everyone or just those who have a voice.

The choice we make on that day will have implications for years – possibly generations – to come.

Did you know:

– An unborn baby at 12 weeks has a beating hear, can kick, stretch and jump, has arms legs, fingers and toe and responds to touch.

– The law is extreme.  In Britain, a similar law results in 200,000 abortions a year – including abortions up until birth where the unborn child has a disability.

– The proposed law will mean abortion will be available throughout the full nine months of pregnancy not just in the first 12 weeks.  Under the Act there is in practice no meaningful time-limit for ending the life of the unborn child.

– The proposed grounds for abortion are poorly-defined. In practice they can be applied to all pregnancies. Reasons include the pregnant woman’s “actual or reasonably foreseeable environment”. This leaves the door wide open to abortion in any circumstance.

-There is no lower age limit mentioned in the law so girls could undergo abortion with no obligation for parents or guardians to be informed.

-Doctors and Nurses will effectively be forced to perform abortion against their will or face legal proceedings.

-There is no mention in the Act about supports for women in unplanned pregnancy or their families.

Let’s be clear. This law will fundamentally change Gibraltar.    There was no obligation on the Government to introduce this Act. If there had been, we would not be having a referendum.

It’s important to get the facts before you vote.

The only way to prevent Gibraltar’s laws becoming like those in Britain is to vote “No” on the 19th March.

More Questions?  Check out our Fact Check document